The Pump House, Coffs Harbour NSW

Drove down to Moonee Beach shopping centre at 7:30 AM and did my laundry. Had a Chai Latte with Lorraine who dropped in after her work.

Drove into town and got some new passport photos taken atFletcher’s Photographics. The new shop is smaller than the one they had on the corner but they have made significant savings each month in terms of rental so that should assist their business enormously.

I went down to The Pump House to see what water pumps were available and placed an order for one which should arrive tomorrow. The cost was $259 which is a significant saving. The young couple at the pumphouse give very good service and have a positive attitude to life. I’ve dealt with The Pump House over a number of years and I think they are an excellent company.

On the way back home I dropped in to see Lorraine and had some crumpets and passionfruit jam which were delicious.

My final duty in town was to call into the Coffs Harbour Jetty Post Office and to finalise matters in relation to my new passport. They did this most efficiently and this is a post office who have worked like this for many years. They are no fuss people and they do their work very well.

There were some showers during the afternoon coming in from the north east.

Received an unexpected call from Melanie Greenaway who told me that she had a number of people interested in renting the property and it now looks like it’s really going to go ahead.

Red Peg in the Fog.