Reducing Motor Cycle Accidents and Fatalities in Thailand

Article prepared and written by David Power.

You can grasp the extent of the problem at Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIPF) Thailand.

Anything you can do to publicize the problem especially the impact that 100% wearing of helmets would have on reducing deaths and brain injuries, would be great.

The Thai stats would be totally unacceptable in Australia, but Thai’s just live with it. They buy their kids new motorcycles, let them ride on the road with little training and at an age when their peripheral vision has not yet fully developed. It is the same as giving a primary school kid a loaded gun and letting them play with it.

All schools in Thailand need to be encouraged to adopt some sort of motorcycle safety program as the parents seem oblivious to the problem. I think it has something to do with the Buddhist philosophy on fate – “meant to happen”. But if you are not there – it can’t happen.