List of Jjimjilbangs in Seoul and Surrounds

Seoul has a large number of Jjimjilbangs which serve as places of relaxation and family fun. The list below is not comprehensive but covers many Jjimjilbangs in many parts of Seoul. All of them are foreigner friendly so feel confident that you will receive a warm welcome. The routine is the same for most and once you have been to a few you will feel right at home.

Please contact me if you have found others not shown on this list.

Cheonggu: Cheonggu Jjimjilbang

Cheonho: Cheonho Jjimjilbang

Digital Media City: Digital Media City Jjimjilbang

Dokbawi: Methodist Complex Jjimjilbang

Dokbawi: Dokbawi Station Jjimjilbang

Euljiro 5(0): Euljiro 5(0) – GA Spa and Sauna

Gangbyeon: Riverside Spa Land

Gasan Digital Complex: Gasan Digital Complex Jjimjilbang Bathhouse

Godeok: Godeok Jjimjilbang

Hongik University: Happy Day Spa

Itaewon: Hamilton Hotel Spa and Sauna Jjimjilbang

Itaewon: Itaewon Land Jjimjilbang Sauna and Spa

Jangjik: The Spa in Garden 5 Jjimjilbang

Junggok: Siloam Jjimjilbang

Mok-dong: Mok-dong Jjimjilbang

Namchuncheon: Whasan Spa Land

Pyeongtaek: Pyeongtaek Jjimjilbang

Pyeongnae Hopyeong: Pyeongnae Hopyeong Jjimjilbang

Seoul Station: Siloam Sauna Jjimjilbang

Suraksan: Suraksan Jjimjilbang

Wangsimni: Four Seasons Water Park Jjimjilbang

Yeongdeungpo: Yeongdeungpo Jjimjilbang Bathhouse

Yongsan: Dragon Hill Spa Jjimjilbang