How to use a Virgin broadband Sim card in an Optus B593s Huawei modem

Optus have a number of very attractive mobile phone plans but they all fail to provide enough data for video streaming and other heavy bandwidth activity. I have an Optus plan of $60 a month with unlimited phone calls, unlimited text messages but only 5 GB of data.

I also have an Optus B593s-601 Huawei modem which gives me good connectivity and speed. I purchased the modem for $150 so it came to me unlocked.


In order to solve my data needs I purchased a Virgin bring your own modem data plan of $40 a month for 12 GB. This is a very attractive package when you consider that Virgin use the Optus network to deliver the service.

Follow these steps to correctly configure the Virgin Sim card in the unlocked Huawei modem.

1. Insert the Sim card into the modem using the slot on the right hand side.

2. Open a browser and typing the URL which will give you access to the modem Control Panel.

3. Log into the dashboard and select the top menu item Internet then select APN Management.


4. Under APN Profile click the button Add and enter the following details for virginbroadband:

Profile Name: Virgin
APN: virginbroadband
UserName (leave blank)
Password (leave blank)
Authentication: PAP

Once you have done this click the Submit button. The modem will restart.

5. On the left-hand menu select Internet Connection.


Under connection select the drop down box for Profile and select Virgin.

You should then be able to connect. The modem may restart again. If you have any issues ring virgin broadband or Optus support.