Yamba Twilight Markets

It is always exciting to move into a new year and 2015 offers me many opportunities particularly in travel and a mobile lifestyle. The highlight of the New Year is the Yamba Twilight Market organised by the Rotary Club of Yamba.

Drove into Lorraine’s place at 9:30 AM and packed the car for our annual trip to the Yamba Twilight markets.

We stopped at Ulmarra where Lorraine checked out some antique shops and we also took some nice photos beside the river.

We got to Yamba at 3:30 PM and were able to park the car in our usual location. We did all the setting up commencing at 4:30 and were ready to trade by 5:30 PM. The market was not as busy as last year but Lorraine did well and was very happy about this.

Reay dropped down to see the market and it was good to catch up with him. I spoke to him about a few things and may have an opportunity to be involved in his business this year.

We had a good drive back to Coffs Harbour and stopped off at Halfway Creek for a break. I noticed a lot of caravans were staying there overnight.

I assisted Lorraine to unpack when we got back to Coffs Harbour hitting my leg on the towbar and getting a cut. I drove home arriving at about 12:30 AM.

The must have been a reasonable size storm go through while we were away as there was 15 mm in my rain gauge.

How to use a Virgin broadband Sim card in an Optus B593s Huawei modem

Optus have a number of very attractive mobile phone plans but they all fail to provide enough data for video streaming and other heavy bandwidth activity. I have an Optus plan of $60 a month with unlimited phone calls, unlimited text messages but only 5 GB of data.

I also have an Optus B593s-601 Huawei modem which gives me good connectivity and speed. I purchased the modem for $150 so it came to me unlocked.


In order to solve my data needs I purchased a Virgin bring your own modem data plan of $40 a month for 12 GB. This is a very attractive package when you consider that Virgin use the Optus network to deliver the service.

Follow these steps to correctly configure the Virgin Sim card in the unlocked Huawei modem.

1. Insert the Sim card into the modem using the slot on the right hand side.

2. Open a browser and typing the URL which will give you access to the modem Control Panel.

3. Log into the dashboard and select the top menu item Internet then select APN Management.


4. Under APN Profile click the button Add and enter the following details for virginbroadband:

Profile Name: Virgin
APN: virginbroadband
UserName (leave blank)
Password (leave blank)
Authentication: PAP

Once you have done this click the Submit button. The modem will restart.

5. On the left-hand menu select Internet Connection.


Under connection select the drop down box for Profile and select Virgin.

You should then be able to connect. The modem may restart again. If you have any issues ring virgin broadband or Optus support.

The Spa in Garden 5 Jjimjilbang Jangji Seoul: Location and GPS

The GPS Coordinates for The Spa in Garden 5 Jjimjilbang at Jangji Seoul South Korea are as follows:

Latitude: 37.478487
Longtitude: 127.11933

Type the following search into Google Maps: 37.478487, 127.11933

This is my favorite Jjimjilbang. It is modern and beautifully designed to cater for everyone’s needs. The location is first class and there are magnificent views from the 10th floor windows throughout the Jjimjilbang, particularly in the bathing areas. The bathing areas have an enormous hot tub with a large cool pool and jacuzzi. There are two hot tubs and the hottest is about a third of the size of the largest. In the Jjimjilbang there are many places to buy food and lots of tables and chairs where you can sit down and eat, play games or just read a book. The Jjimjilbang is very well run with friendly staff. Foreign visitors are made to feel very welcome.

Directions on how to get to The Spa in Garden 5 Jjimjilbang:

Take Subway Line 8 to Jangji Station and leave the station at Exit 3. Once you get to Exit 3 do a U turn and walk down about 300 meters to the first major intersection with traffic lights.

Turn left at the traffic light and continue walking for about 600 meters until you pass EMart and see a very large aluminium sculpture in front of the entrance to the building.

Looking towards the main building where the Spa is located
The aluminium sculpture in front of the main entrance

Enter the building through Door 5 and immediately turn right and take one of the lifts on the same side as Door 5. Not all lifts in the building go to the 10th floor and that is why it is important only to use these.

Building entrance
Enter to building through Door 5 and turn right for the lifts
Spa Entrance
The entrance to Spa in Garden 5

List of Jjimjilbangs in Seoul and Surrounds

Seoul has a large number of Jjimjilbangs which serve as places of relaxation and family fun. The list below is not comprehensive but covers many Jjimjilbangs in many parts of Seoul. All of them are foreigner friendly so feel confident that you will receive a warm welcome. The routine is the same for most and once you have been to a few you will feel right at home.

Please contact me if you have found others not shown on this list.

Cheonggu: Cheonggu Jjimjilbang

Cheonho: Cheonho Jjimjilbang

Digital Media City: Digital Media City Jjimjilbang

Dokbawi: Methodist Complex Jjimjilbang

Dokbawi: Dokbawi Station Jjimjilbang

Euljiro 5(0): Euljiro 5(0) – GA Spa and Sauna

Gangbyeon: Riverside Spa Land

Gasan Digital Complex: Gasan Digital Complex Jjimjilbang Bathhouse

Godeok: Godeok Jjimjilbang

Hongik University: Happy Day Spa

Itaewon: Hamilton Hotel Spa and Sauna Jjimjilbang

Itaewon: Itaewon Land Jjimjilbang Sauna and Spa

Jangjik: The Spa in Garden 5 Jjimjilbang

Junggok: Siloam Jjimjilbang

Mok-dong: Mok-dong Jjimjilbang

Namchuncheon: Whasan Spa Land

Pyeongtaek: Pyeongtaek Jjimjilbang

Pyeongnae Hopyeong: Pyeongnae Hopyeong Jjimjilbang

Seoul Station: Siloam Sauna Jjimjilbang

Suraksan: Suraksan Jjimjilbang

Wangsimni: Four Seasons Water Park Jjimjilbang

Yeongdeungpo: Yeongdeungpo Jjimjilbang Bathhouse

Yongsan: Dragon Hill Spa Jjimjilbang

Hamilton Hotel Spa and Sauna Itaewon Seoul: Location and GPS

The GPS Coordinates for Hamilton Hotel Spa and Sauna Jjimjilbang at Itaewon Seoul South Korea are as follows:

Latitude: 37.53460
Longtitude: 126.9939

Type the following search into Google Maps: 37.53460, 126.9939

View Larger Map

The Hamilton Hotel Spa and Sauna has a separate entrance so you do not need to access it via the Hotel. The facilities are quite adequate especially the jacuzzi and cold pool. It is well run and clean. Very close to the Itaewon Subway Station.

Directions to Hamilton Hotel Spa and Sauna Itaewon:

Take the subway to Itaewon Station and take Exit 2. Once you reach the exit look to the left and you will see the hotel. You need to walk back a short way to the entrance. Take care as you walk across the driveway towards the entrance as cars come and go fairly regularly.

Walk across the driveway
Walk across the driveway to get to the entrance to the spa.