A Sad and Sorry Tale of iPhone 3G 32G

Dr Frank Hold is a retired Dentist and he sent me details of his experience with the iPhone. While most iPhones work reliably Frank’s story clearly demonstrates that the produce is far from perfect:

“Here is the story of my iPhone 3G 32G.

I bought the iPhone on eBay in early January 2009. Paid about $900.00 for it, and then took out extended warranty with Apple, on 12/1/09, which will expire, on 25/11/11.

The original phone played up by staying with an open phone call, to my son, for some 8.30 minutes, despite using the screen to hang-up, then to power off on the screen, and, eventually, using to start/off button, was able to disconnect. The phones serial number was 88942XQ23NR.

The phone was replaced by Apple, with a new phone, with a serial number – 5KO241AE3NR.

Some months down the track, I used the phone for a call, on a Sunday morning, went out to lunch with some friends. On coming out of the restaurant, I tried to make a call, and, the screen came up with a USB cable and iTunes symbols. So, on arriving home, I connected the phone to iTunes, but up came the message “error 40”. I then went to the Apple site to look for “error 40”. List of hundreds of error message codes, in the knowledge base, but no “error 40”.

I contacted Apple, first to a guy in Philippines, then onto KL, finally onto Brisbane. None of these 3 techs, had heard of “error 40”.

The guy in Brisbane, got me onto the sales department, and, when I spoke to this guy and asked him if they would allow me to upgrade to the iPhone4, and, would pay any differential in costs, was told in no uncertain terms that my AppleCare Protection Plan, was only for my iPhone 3GS.

So once again, I received a new iPhone – serial number -5K04478U3NR. This time, the phone would, after going to messages, stay open, even though I had used “end”, and various other little incidents, that were not asked of it.

I do not use the phone for Internet, emails etc, because I am at home most of the time, and, thus, use my computer. My plan with Optus, was set up more than 10 years ago, and, it does not include data services. If the phone does not connect to the Internet etc, my typical bill, per month, is between $6.00 and $8.00. If there has been an inadvertent connection, the cost blows out.

Since last November, I have received about 6 phone calls from Optus people, wondering if I would be interested to change my plan. It got to the point, that I rang the Telecommunications Ombudsman, to find out if Optus could make me change plans (the plan that I am on, is no longer offered by Optus).

The short answer, was that even though the plan is no longer offered, they are under a legal obligation to continue my contract.

Anyway, today I received my HTC Desire HD, and will be very glad to get away from Apple products.”

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