iPhone Still Works Without SIM Card

I recently exchanged my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy smart phone.

I was delighted to find that the iPhone still works with data transmission on Wi-Fi without a SIM card. All the apps still work and I can send and receive emails. The iPhone is certainly not a throw away device and still extremely useful as a mini-computer.

The only feature that has been lost with the removal of the SIM card is the ability to send and receive telephone calls and text messages and connect using 3G. Needless to say it requires a Wi-Fi to function.

I you are not sure how to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi then watch the video below.

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog using Fantastico

Fantastico is a marvelous resource provided by many web hosting services. Here are step by step instructions on how to painlessly install a WordPress Blog on your domain in a couple of minutes.

1. Login in to your cPanel and locate the Fantastico icon in the section called Software/Services:

2. When you click on the Fantastico icon the following screen appears. Click on the link which says WordPress:

3. Click on the link which says New Installation which will take you to another screen where you enter the parameters appropriate for your blog.

4. Add relevant information to each of the fields. See my details instructions below the screen shot:

Instructions relating to the form:

  1. Install on Domain: Select the domain from the drop down box;
  2. Install in Directory: Leave blank if it to go into the root directory otherwise enter the name only of the directory with any slashes (/) eg: “blog” or “news” etc.;
  3. Username: Enter the Username for the Blog Admin Page which will appear at “yourdomain.com/wp-login.php“;
  4. Password: Enter a password for entry to the Blog Admin Page;
  5. Admin Nickname: Enter a nickname if you wish, eg: “John” or “Sue
  6. Admin E-mail: Enter the email address that you want to use to receive blog notifications. It can be any email that is appropriate and does not have to be on the same domain as the blog. eg: “myname@hotmail.com“;
  7. Site Name: The name that will appear at the top of your blog, eg: “Martial Arts for Small Dogs
  8. Description: This is optional but if you wish to add something feel free to do so, eg: “Everything your dog will need to overcome home invaders“. You can change it later if you wish.

5. Click the Install WordPress Button and follow the simple instructions that follow.

6. I strongly recommend on the last screen that you enter your email address in the form to send instructions that relate to the installation. This is valuable information in case you forget your admin details.

I wish you success with Fantastico and please add your comments to this post if you have any additional questions or comments.