Road Deaths and Traffic Accidents in Thailand

My good friend David Power, who lives in Thailand, has written this very thoughtful analysis of road deaths and traffic accidents in Thailand:

“Driver behaviour and reckless attitudes are the main contributor to the high road toll in Thailand. I have been driving on Thai roads all over Thailand for the past 7 years. I never cease to be amazed at the number of times I witness something completely crazy like overtaking around blind corners or crossing to the incorrect side of the road and forcing on-coming vehicles off the road just so that they can save time on their journey. Their attitude seems to be that if their vehicle is bigger than yours you will give way to them especially if they flash their lights at you at the same time. I witness these incidents on almost a daily occurrence.

Thailand has the second highest accident and death record per head of population of any country in the world. The hospitals have many brain injured road accident victims. Recently, I went to a funeral of a man I knew. I poured water on the his hand in the temple where he lay wih a huge dent the size of a tennis ball where his forehead should have been. He was only 35 with a wife and two young children. He came from a very poor family and was a very hard worker. He drank a lot of whiskey and only went about four hundred metres before he went off the road into a concrete fence and his head hit the steering wheel. Such a sad loss and a complete waste of a very hard life.

The old cars that do not have computers would not be suitable for devices like Roadbot. It will help reduce the road toll but driver education and attitude adjustment would save many more lives. Maybe a tour of the hospital morgues will have more effect on Thai drivers that break the road rules than a small fine. They need to be made aware of the consequences of their actions.”

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