A Home for the Montana Caravan.


It was 12°C in the caravan when I woke up but the day ahead will be bright and sunny.

After breakfast I did little bit of work before going with Rodney down to the local Medical Centre to try and get an appointment to have a PSA test. Unfortunately the clinic was fully booked out for the day and so I’ve booked in for next Thursday.

We returned to the house and I had a good discussion with Rodney about the possibility of putting in a slab for the caravan. It will also require the fitting of a new gate and the installation of an electrical socket. Rodney recommended that all I needed was a couple of square concrete slabs to level the caravan and this was a good suggestion.

I managed to get two loads of washing done and hung out and while I was doing this I received a call from Linda Nolan updating me on the house sale. The couple who were interested came back with another offer of $520,000 with the request for the deck to be rebuilt and so on so I totally rejected it as out of hand. It looks like I will be putting in tenants again and progressively doing some improvements to the property over the next year or so.

I had some fruit for lunch and a nap afterwards but it was very hot in the caravan.

In the afternoon Rodney had to go down to the fire station to check the appliance with some team members and I watched some beautiful documentaries of David Attenborough on The Frozen Planet. The photography was absolutely sensational.

We went for a walk at 6 o’clock and the temperature was still fairly warm. It got up to 32°C during the day in the caravan.

Pearl cooked a nice roast pork and vegetables for dinner which was lovely. She was a bit tired during the day due to some antihistamine nasal spray she had taken to fix it up hete sinus issues.

I did some work online checking the AdSense code for gdaymate.com before retiring at midnight.

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