Free Camping Areas Near Singleton NSW.


Slept very well and headed out after breakfast to do a day of photography for Caravan Park Photos.

My first stop was a rest area north of Singleton near the New England Highway. I then proceeded on to Jerrys Plains and photographed the Recreation Reserve. This was a nice area but the only downside was that there is a lot of traffic on the highway.

As I left Jerrys Plains heading for Warkworth I had to pull off the side of the road to allow a huge piece of mining equipment pass. It was one of the largest wide loads I’ve ever seen in my life.

I photographed the Jim Johnson Reserve at Warkworth which was again downgraded because of the traffic noise.

My next stop was to Bulga on the Putty Road where I photographed the camping area opposite the Tavern and also the Bulga Recreation Reserve which was the pick of all the sites I did today.

On my way back to Singleton I called in to Broke and photographed McNamara Park which is a large camping area with many spots and would probably be a very good place to stay.

I had a pie and hashbrowns for lunch when I returned to the caravan and a nap afterwards.

I went to Big W and purchased a set of flannelette sheets for $25 which was surprisingly good value. Later in the afternoon I called into Aldi and got 12 cartons of full cream milk.

At 4 PM I walked down to the Singleton Railway Station and stayed there until a large coal train went by. The trains pass by quite frequently and at high speed. It was a very nice enjoyable walk.

Watched an excellent documentary at night called Keeping Australia Alive which is about our marvellous health system. Did some work online and some reading before retiring at midnight.

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