Siloam Sauna Jjimjilbang Seoul: Location and GPS

The GPS Coordinates for Siloam Sauna Jjimjilbang in Seoul South Korea are as follows:

Latitude: 37.55723
Longtitude: 126.96853

Type the following search into Google Maps: 37.55723, 126.96853

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This is a large well established and well known Jjimjilbang with lots of space and facilities. If you like big then it has everything. This is also reflected in the admission price. The Jjimjilbang has the big benefit of being close to Seoul Station which is virtually the centre of the city.

Directions to Simoam Sauna Jjimjilbang Seoul:

Finding this place is not easy so I hope these photos help.

*** If you arrive at Seoul Station Metro then take Exit 1.

Take Exit 1
Take Exit 1 and follow the Gyeongui Line Signs

Travel up this escalator after you take Exit 1.

Take this escalator
Take this escalator after Exit 1 and continue to follow the the Gyeongui Line Signs

*** If you arrive at the main Seoul Intercity Station take Exit 2.

Take Exit 2
Take Exit 2 from Main Seoul Station

Continue to walk after you leave the exit and you will arrive at the place where the Metro and Seoul Main Station converge. You will see the sign to the Gyeongui Line. Unlike Alice in Wonderland who followed the White Rabbit, from this point on follow the signs to Gyeongui Line.

Follow the signs
Follow the signs to the Gyeongui Line

Continue to walk in the direction shown below past the Lotte Shops:

Follow the signs
Continue to walk past the Lotte Shops

Walk down these steps and to the road:

Walk down these steps
Walk down these steps and to the road

Once you get to the side of the road you will be able to see the Siloam Sauna sign in the distance.

Siloam Sauna
Siloam Sauna sign in the distance

Continue to walk in the direction of the sign and cross the road on the designated crossing which goes under the overpass.

designated crossing
Cross at the designated crossing

Keep left after you cross the road and you will arrive at the main entrance to Siloam Sauna.

Main entrance
Main entrance to Siloam Sauna

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