Siloam Jjimjilbang Junggok: Location and GPS

The GPS Coordinates for Siloam Jjimjilbang at Junggok Seoul South Korea are as follows:

Latitude: 37.568758
Longtitude: 127.086351

Type the following search into Google Maps: 37.568758, 127.086351

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A beautiful well equipped Jjimjilbang only a short walk from Junggok subway. There are nice hot tubs which can become a big of a squeeze when lots of people want to use them. The jacuzzi can only accommodate two which is a pity. A nice cold water indoor pool and plenty of sweat rooms and saunas. Everything you would expect from a Jjimjilbang is here delivered with friendly smiles.

Directions on how to get to Siloam Jjimjilbang Junggok:

Take Subway Line 7 to Junggok and leave the station at Exit 3. Walk straight ahead for about 200 meters until you come to the Jjimjilbang which is well signed.

Approach view
View of the building on approach
Entrance to Siloam Jjimjilbang at Junggok

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