The Heat is On in NSW.

It was an extremely hot day right across New South Wales today with temperatures soaring to 38 degrees in some parts of the state. This high temperature is quite unusual for the month of October and is yet another indication of climate change and a picture of what we are likely to experience in the future. Unexpected blizzards in some parts of the USA represent the reverse side of the coin. The one good thing about the heat is that it has about further increases in temperature to the pool which I swam in for 15 minutes later in the day.

Viewed an interesting series of programs at night including one by Todd Samson called redesign my brain. It’s all about plasticity and I was aware of this over a decade ago and realised then that this was a tremendous discovery. The brain is plastic and is capable of changing, repairing and being strengthened irrespective of age. Todd demonstrated clearly in his program that the brain can be changed and I assume at the end of the series there will be books and videos available, and maybe even software, that would enable other people to do exactly the same thing. How wonderful that age does not appear to be a barrier to brain development and improvement, but you do have to work on it.

Before going to bed at night I removed a tick from my lower abdomen. It is a mystery as to how it got there but I got a pair of tweezers and slowly removed it and then put the tick in a bag in the freezer in case I need to have it checked out with the local doctor at some later stage. I managed to remove all of the tick including the head. This is going to be a bad season for ticks. The area is a bit inflamed so I took a Phenergan tablet before going to bed at night to reduce the swelling and inflammation.

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