Road Deaths and Traffic Accidents in Thailand

My good friend David Power, who lives in Thailand, has written this very thoughtful analysis of road deaths and traffic accidents in Thailand:

“Driver behaviour and reckless attitudes are the main contributor to the high road toll in Thailand. I have been driving on Thai roads all over Thailand for the past 7 years. I never cease to be amazed at the number of times I witness something completely crazy like overtaking around blind corners or crossing to the incorrect side of the road and forcing on-coming vehicles off the road just so that they can save time on their journey. Their attitude seems to be that if their vehicle is bigger than yours you will give way to them especially if they flash their lights at you at the same time. I witness these incidents on almost a daily occurrence.

Thailand has the second highest accident and death record per head of population of any country in the world. The hospitals have many brain injured road accident victims. Recently, I went to a funeral of a man I knew. I poured water on the his hand in the temple where he lay wih a huge dent the size of a tennis ball where his forehead should have been. He was only 35 with a wife and two young children. He came from a very poor family and was a very hard worker. He drank a lot of whiskey and only went about four hundred metres before he went off the road into a concrete fence and his head hit the steering wheel. Such a sad loss and a complete waste of a very hard life.

The old cars that do not have computers would not be suitable for devices like Roadbot. It will help reduce the road toll but driver education and attitude adjustment would save many more lives. Maybe a tour of the hospital morgues will have more effect on Thai drivers that break the road rules than a small fine. They need to be made aware of the consequences of their actions.”

Telstra Extending 4G Coverage Areas near Coffs Harbour NSW

Phoned Telstra during the morning to try and determine when my local tower on Mount Coramba NSW will be upgraded to 4G. It was a bit frustrating trying to find the right person to talk to but eventually a very kind Indian lady said she would find out the relevant information for me and let me know. She certainly did this and according to her information the tower will be most likely be upgraded early in 2014. This is good news as the current average speed is about 2mps.

Recharged my kindle paperwhite during the day and it will be interesting to see how long the battery lasts before another recharge is required. Amazon claim the battery can last for up to 8 weeks before recharge but I’m highly doubtful if this is the case.

I did some more work on my Cambodia movie in the afternoon and everything is proceeding okay. I installed the latest patch on Pinnacle Studio 16. I also updated my podcasts through iTunes because the ones I have been listening to are well out of date.

Coffs Produce called in and dropped off 64 bags of salt. Brad, who delivered the salt, was very impressed with my pool stating it was one of the best he had ever seen.

The weather was fine and sunny and I went for a walk along Wears Road late in the afternoon.

The Heat is On in NSW.

It was an extremely hot day right across New South Wales today with temperatures soaring to 38 degrees in some parts of the state. This high temperature is quite unusual for the month of October and is yet another indication of climate change and a picture of what we are likely to experience in the future. Unexpected blizzards in some parts of the USA represent the reverse side of the coin. The one good thing about the heat is that it has about further increases in temperature to the pool which I swam in for 15 minutes later in the day.

Viewed an interesting series of programs at night including one by Todd Samson called redesign my brain. It’s all about plasticity and I was aware of this over a decade ago and realised then that this was a tremendous discovery. The brain is plastic and is capable of changing, repairing and being strengthened irrespective of age. Todd demonstrated clearly in his program that the brain can be changed and I assume at the end of the series there will be books and videos available, and maybe even software, that would enable other people to do exactly the same thing. How wonderful that age does not appear to be a barrier to brain development and improvement, but you do have to work on it.

Before going to bed at night I removed a tick from my lower abdomen. It is a mystery as to how it got there but I got a pair of tweezers and slowly removed it and then put the tick in a bag in the freezer in case I need to have it checked out with the local doctor at some later stage. I managed to remove all of the tick including the head. This is going to be a bad season for ticks. The area is a bit inflamed so I took a Phenergan tablet before going to bed at night to reduce the swelling and inflammation.

Post Christmas Shock for Australian Cricket

29 December 2012 will go down as a very sad day in Australian cricket.

The announcement late in the afternoon of the 29th that former England Captain and Australian cricket commentator Tony Greig had died of a massive heart attack at the age of 66 was a shock to all cricket lovers in Australia. Tony Greg was a larger-than-life figure and when he was captain of England was much reviled in Australia but in a very respectful manner. I’ll never forget the day that he was bowled out by Jeff Thompson with a “sandshoe crusher” and that was something spectacular watch as his stumps fell over.

As a commentator Tony Greig was always interesting. He was very knowledgeable of the game and always added value to the cricketing experience. It was marvellous to listen to his insights and he had a rye and sharp sense of humour. I’m sure his fellow commentators on channel nine will miss him dearly.

The other side sad announcement of the day was that Australian cricketer mike Hussey will be ending his international career at the end of the third and final test with Sri Lanka at the Sydney cricket ground. Mike Hussey, aka Mr cricket, has been a marvellous player always providing entertainment and much excitement to those that love the game.

A sad and memorable day for Australian cricket.

Example of a Well Written Website Privacy Policy

OpenDNS have announced a new Website Privacy Policy on their website and it provides a benchmark against which all other online Privacy Policies should be written.

The OpenDNS Privacy Policy has been awarded Truste’s Compliance Seal.

You can read the OpenDNS Privacy Policy here.