The Pump House, Coffs Harbour NSW

Drove down to Moonee Beach shopping centre at 7:30 AM and did my laundry. Had a Chai Latte with Lorraine who dropped in after her work.

Drove into town and got some new passport photos taken atFletcher’s Photographics. The new shop is smaller than the one they had on the corner but they have made significant savings each month in terms of rental so that should assist their business enormously.

I went down to The Pump House to see what water pumps were available and placed an order for one which should arrive tomorrow. The cost was $259 which is a significant saving. The young couple at the pumphouse give very good service and have a positive attitude to life. I’ve dealt with The Pump House over a number of years and I think they are an excellent company.

On the way back home I dropped in to see Lorraine and had some crumpets and passionfruit jam which were delicious.

My final duty in town was to call into the Coffs Harbour Jetty Post Office and to finalise matters in relation to my new passport. They did this most efficiently and this is a post office who have worked like this for many years. They are no fuss people and they do their work very well.

There were some showers during the afternoon coming in from the north east.

Received an unexpected call from Melanie Greenaway who told me that she had a number of people interested in renting the property and it now looks like it’s really going to go ahead.

Red Peg in the Fog.

Pool Leaf Basket from Big W for $20.

Drove into town at 8 AM and did a half hour walk through Park Beach Plaza and down to the Hoey Moey and back along the Oval. The walk took approximately 30 minutes. It was good to be walking again and I need to exercise regularly to get my knee back to good shape.

I purchased a new pool leaf basket from big W before leaving the Plaza. The price continues to drop and it is now only $20. It must be very cheap to manufacture.

On the way home I did some shopping at Moonee Beach shopping centre and purchased some frozen meals to try over the next week.

Spent the rest of the day basically in the cottage doing various bits and pieces and reading and relaxing. I was hoping to mow the lawn in the pool area but my guests didn’t go out today so I couldn’t use the mower.

There are very bad bushfires burning in Adelaide and Victoria at the moment and excessively hot weather down there.

Yamba Twilight Markets

It is always exciting to move into a new year and 2015 offers me many opportunities particularly in travel and a mobile lifestyle. The highlight of the New Year is the Yamba Twilight Market organised by the Rotary Club of Yamba.

Drove into Lorraine’s place at 9:30 AM and packed the car for our annual trip to the Yamba Twilight markets.

We stopped at Ulmarra where Lorraine checked out some antique shops and we also took some nice photos beside the river.

We got to Yamba at 3:30 PM and were able to park the car in our usual location. We did all the setting up commencing at 4:30 and were ready to trade by 5:30 PM. The market was not as busy as last year but Lorraine did well and was very happy about this.

Reay dropped down to see the market and it was good to catch up with him. I spoke to him about a few things and may have an opportunity to be involved in his business this year.

We had a good drive back to Coffs Harbour and stopped off at Halfway Creek for a break. I noticed a lot of caravans were staying there overnight.

I assisted Lorraine to unpack when we got back to Coffs Harbour hitting my leg on the towbar and getting a cut. I drove home arriving at about 12:30 AM.

The must have been a reasonable size storm go through while we were away as there was 15 mm in my rain gauge.

Apple pie, custard and ice cream.

Worked in the office up until morning tea time managing to get my blog posts completed as well as processing e-mails.

After morning tea I drove into town and refuelled for the very first time at the new United service station where the shell service station used to be. The petrol prices are considerably cheaper. I then proceeded to the Coffs Harbour library where I read for about an hour. I collected the referral letter for Dr Warrier before parking the car in the Coffs Central car park. I checked the mailbox but there was no mail.

Returned via the main highway but on the way the traffic was exceptionally slow because of an accident near Sapphire. It took 15 minutes to get from Sapphire through to Moonee Beach shopping centre where I did some shopping. I purchased an apple pie, custard and ice cream as part of my shopping as I need to put on a few extra kilograms.

Returned home and had a relaxing afternoon after a nice lunch of pasta.

Went for a walk along Wears road in the afternoon and also did a few laps in the pool. Before dinner I managed to successfully transfer some easy listening MP3 tracks to a USB drive and to play these at random in my Denon amplifier. I was very happy about this and will transfer all the easy listening DVD tracks to the USB drive as the Denon does not play the DVDs.

Watched another excellent presentation of the drama series Redfern Now at night on ABC TV.